Shakespeare Unmasked

The Shakespeare Quotes App

Over 500 of the most famous, obscure and funny quotes from Shakespeare's plays, with links to each quote in the full text of it's play.

Browse, search & share quotes, and create photo memes.

New feature: Augmented Reality! See any quote in 3D in your own environment, add an AR emoji, and then send it to any iPhone or iPad in an AR text message!

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Hundreds of the Bard's most wise, witty and obscure quotes from all 37 of his plays, including all his Comedies, Tragedies and Histories. An essential educational resource and a valuable companion through all life's joys and sorrows.

Hundreds of Quotes

Including all the most famous, funny, strange and profound lines from the pen of the world's most renowned playwright. From colorful insults to exquisite words of wisdom, there's a Shakespeare quote for every emotion and every occasion.

Create and Share

Create photo-memes by overlaying the quote text on downloaded photos. Then share your creation on all your favorite social media platforms.

Search and Filter

Filter the quotes by play, by role or by subject. Search for specific words or phrases. Or have Siri read them aloud to you.

Augmented Reality

See any quote in 3D AR in your own environment, on any surface or wall. Use easy precise controls to change text position, size and material. Then take and share AR photos.

Check the Source

See any quote in its original context. Every quote includes a link to the scene within the full text of the play from which it comes.

AR Text Messages

Send any quote as an AR text message to any iPhone or iPad. You can also attach AR emojis to your messages. Sending AR text messages is free and message recipients do *not* need to have this app.

Sample Quotes

Here are just a few of the fascinating quotes you'll discover in the app.


Here's a quick look inside.

Also for iPad

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Some answers to a few common questions.

AR is the new technology which allows computer generated objects to be "virtually" located in your real world environment.

The Shakespeare Unmasked app enables the text of any quote (or your own words or phrases) to be converted into a 3D object and "placed" in your room or your street. The text will "anchor" to any flat surface (like a floor or table) or to any wall.

You can change the location and size of the text with our easy and accurate controls. And you can also change its material to, for example, plastic, wood, stone or galss.

This feature requires an Apple device with an A9 or later processor running iOS 13.0 or later. This includes

- the iPhone 6s and all later models

- the 5th Generation iPad (released in 2017) and all later models

- the 5th Generation iPad Mini (released in 2019)

Apple advises that Augmented Reality works best with:

- good lighting conditions

- a flat surface or wall with some texture or features for it to lock on to

To scan a new surface rotate your device slowly a small amount horizontally and then vertically, and then move it a small amount towards and away from the surface.

If your text is not properly aligned with the surface, simply tap the screen to rescan the surface and re-seat the text.

To move the text to a new surface just point the phone at the new location and tap the screen.

You can share the quotes as text or as an image. The default sharing image is created from your current text and background.

For much more control, open the MemeMaker either by clicking the Photo icon in the menu or by touch-and-holding the quote. Here you can change text colors and fonts, and also choose a new background either from your own photos or by downloading any image from Google.

New: You can now also take and share photos of 3D quotes in your own room or outdoor environment with the new Augmented Reality feature!

The Image Search button in the MemeMaker takes you to Google's Image Search in your web browser. Here you can search for a new image.

When you've found one you like, save it to your device's photo library.

Then return to the Trump Unmasked app, choose Select Image to open your Photo Library, and tap the image you downloaded.

Unfortunately Facebook and Instagram don't allow apps to share text. But you can share images, so make sure your Sharing option is set to Image in the app's Settings.

Other social media services, like WhatsApp, allow you to share either text or a photo but not both together. So avoid the app's Both sharing option if you're sending to one of these.

No! Once you've bought the app you can use all its features on all of your iPhones and iPads, with no additional hidden costs.

You can move through the quotes by tapping and pinching, or by swiping left and right.

The following gestures replicate the actions of the buttons in the menu:

- You can see the source web page by tapping the quote reference (name & date).

- Touch-and-hold a quote to enter the MemeMaker.

- Double-tap a quote to have Siri read it aloud.

- Tap with two fingers to add or remove a quote from your Favorites list.

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions for interesting quotes that we've missed, or if you spot any typo's or broken links, please let us know.

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